Pricing and Fees

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 If you are unsure about what funding you might be eligible for, our Care Adviser team can help you navigate this process.

 Figuring out what funding you are eligible for can be hard, so our Care Adviser team can help you to navigate this process. It’s a complimentary service that helps you source the best option, each time.

Call our friendly team on 1300 66 00 22 for a complimentary assessment. 




Fee Schedule 2018/19 – Australia Wide








Home Care Support

Personal Care
Respite Care
Social Support
Pet Assistance
Transport Services

30 min $35.49 $42.51 $46.02
45 min $40.95 $49.05 $53.10
1 hour $54.60 $65.40 $70.80
Domestic Assistance (Minimum 1 Hour) 1 hour $54.60 $65.40 $70.80
Kilometres Per km $1.25 $1.25 $1.25
Nursing Services Enrolled Nurse 1 hour $66.20 $78.90 $92.70
Registered Nurse 1 hour $99.20 $119.40 $145.20
Inactive Overnight Sleepover
(8 hours inactive support)
Per hour $22.50 $29.60
24 Hour Care
(Includes 8 hours of active support)
24 hrs $574.80 $574.80 $745.20
Home Gardening (Minimum 1 Hour) 1 hour $65.80 $78.30 $98.60
Home Maintenance (Minimum 1 Hour) 1 hour $83.00 $109.00 $109.00
Home Care Packages
Administration and Core Case Management Fee
Monthly 20% of Package Income
Additional Case Management 1 hour $95.00 - $114.50

Home Care Support services 30 mins or less are charged at 65% of the hourly rate.
24 hours notice is required to avoid a full service cancellation fee. GST applies to Domestic Assistance, Home Gardening, Maintenance and to travel fees per kilometre for non-government funded services. Services delivered on public holidays attract an additional surcharge. Inactive Overnight Sleepover shifts must include an additional 2 hours of active Home Care support. The 20% Home Care Package Admin fee is calculated from the standard annual subsidy plus any client contributions – applicable to HCP clients only.


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