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Calvary is committed to providing the highest level of service at the best possible price.

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If you are unsure about what funding you might be eligible for, our Care Adviser team can help you navigate this process.

Figuring out what funding you are eligible for can be hard, so our Care Adviser team can help you to navigate this process. It’s a complimentary service that helps you source the best option, each time.

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Fee Schedule 2019/20 – Australia Wide








Home Care Support
Personal Care
Respite Care
Social Support
Pet Assistance
Transport Services
Domestic Assistance

30 min





45 min





1 hour






Per km





Nursing Services
Enrolled Nurse


1 hour





30 min






Nursing Services
Registered Nurse


1 hour





30 min






Inactive Overnight Sleepover
(Eight hours inactive support)

Per hour




24 Hour Care
(Includes eight hours of active support)

24 hrs





Home Gardening
(Minimum 1 Hour)

1 hour





Home Maintenance
(Minimum 1 Hour)

1 hour





Additional Case Management

1 hour






24 hours notice is required to avoid a full service cancellation fee. GST applies to Domestic Assistance, Home Gardening, Maintenance and to travel fees per kilometre for non-government funded services. Services delivered on public holidays attract an additional surcharge. Inactive Overnight Sleepover shifts must include an additional two hours of active Home Care support.




Home Care Package Service

Per Fortnight 

Package Management Fee
This fee covers the ongoing organisation activities associated with the delivery and management of a home care package. It includes the costs for preparing monthly statements; managing package funds; and compliance and quality assurance activities required for home care. This includes meeting the new Aged Care Quality Standards from July 2019 for service quality, record management and compliance (e.g. police checks) requirements.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4



Care Management Fee
Care Management fee includes the cost of completing and reviewing Service Agreement and Care Plan, coordination and scheduling of services, providing a point of contact and ensuring care is aligned with other supports. Subject to package level, the amount of case management will vary. Calvary provides after hours and clinical support 24 hours / 7 days a week which is included in this fee.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4



Invoice Charge

Calvary Community Care offers coordination of services if the client chooses an external provider to support them with services under their package. Calvary will charge a nominal amount (“Handling Fee”) per each invoice processed for payment.

Per invoice

Staff Travel to Visit Client

This fee includes the cost for Support Worker to travel to clients home to provide direct care service (visit). This charge applies to each visit. This fee is a fixed amount for all services and may differ between service centres.

Per visit


If we are unable to deliver a service in your area we will recommend someone who can. This may involve an additional cost to the prices listed above. Your Case Manager will discuss this with you prior to services commencing. If you would like to receive a particular service from someone external to us then you can request to have them service you through Calvary. Your Case Manager will discuss this with you prior to services commencing.



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