Specialist care and illness management

We can assist you with personal and nursing care when some tasks become a little difficult. You may be recovering from illness or surgery, need assistance with medication, or require help with mobility around the house.

Our professionally trained staff can help you with tasks such
as getting you started for the day or ready for the evening with showering, dressing and personal grooming.

Our clinical care covers wound dressing changes, blood pressure and dietary monitoring, and access to therapy services such as speech, podiatry and occupational therapy, and referrals to other health practitioners and doctors.

At Calvary we treat all clients with the utmost care and dignity at all times.

Below are some suggestions on services that we can help you with that will keep you independent and happy at home.

From Hospital to Home

Transport home and settling in

Care package, e.g. shopping for the essentials before you come home

Daily check-up at your home

Communication with family and friends

Mobility around the house

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Your Nursing Care

Professional nursing assessment

Clinical care, e.g. stoma and catheter care

Wound care

Chronic illness support, planning and self-planning

Skin and pressure care

Medication Management

Medication support, charting and prompting

Access to Specialist Care & Allied Services

Occupational therapy for recovery or maintaining mobility

Podiatry for healthy feet and toes

Dietitian for specialised dietary needs, speech therapy, swallowing and function assistance


Hearing and vision services

Assistance with Degenerative Illnesses

Professional support with dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other serious health issues

Assistance for carers, family and clients

Advice on managing behaviours

Case management, care planning and pain management

Education & Information Programs

Referral to organisations that provide education on an illness and medication for clients and carers

Information and assistance on behavioural changes that may appear with illnesses

Special Diets

Meal planning for special diets and cultural needs

Feeding assistance if needed

Assistance with eating utensils

Your own personal
Case Manager.

If you feel you’re juggling too many things, you can talk to us about having your own personal Calvary Case Manager.

A Case Manager can help you determine what services would assist you the most. They can connect you to dozens of proven and reliable health and care services in your local area.


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