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What is Telecare?

What is Telecare? Telecare is technology in the home that helps you to live independently and safely. This can include personal alarms and fall detectors.

What is Telecare

What is Telecare?

Technology in the home that assists people to live independently and safely. Products can alert carers in the home or be linked to a 24 hour monitoring response centre. 

What are the benefits of Telecare?

Telecare products can provide peace of mind for users and their family members. They help to reduce the risks associated with living alone such as falls, wandering or accidents via monitored alarms and motion detectors. They can also be programmed for medication reminders across the day. 

What types of products are available?

Telecare products include: Alarms - Personal alarm pendants worn as a necklace or wall mounted panic buttons that can be pushed for immediate assistance from the 24 hour response centre. Fall detectors - Worn around the neck, they will automatically trigger an alarm if the person falls. Motion detectors - Monitor activity around certain areas in the home (eg. front door) or trigger alerts if no activity occurs at a certain time each day. Monitored smoke detectors - Alert the 24 hour response centre if triggered. 

How Telcare works

1: An alarm can be raised by pressing the button or will be triggered by certain behaviour such as a fall.

2: The alarm will dial the 24hr response centre and be managed by a care consultant.

3: The care consultant will notify the nominated contacts or call an ambulance.

4: The care consultant waits on the line until help arrives.

What costs are associated with Telecare?

Most telecare products are purchased upfront, however in some instances you may be able to pay a monthly rental amount instead. A monthly fee is then paid for the monitoring service. 

Where can I find out more information?

For more information, advice and product details contact one of our friendly Home Care Experts on 1300 66 00 22

Visit the Calvary Smart Home! The Calvary Smart Home showroom provides an opportunity to view, experience and trial a range of telecare products in person. To book a personal tour call us at 1300 66 00 22 or take a virtual tour at www.calvarycare.org.au

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