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What is a Case Manager?

Case Managers are experts in community services who advocate on your behalf to help you live independently at home for longer. Learn more...

Case Managers are experts in home care and community services. They work together with you and your family as a collaborative partner. Advocating on your behalf, a Case Manager guides you through the complexities of home care so you can live independently at home for longer. A Case Manager understands what matters most to you and ensures your needs, and any special requests are met.

what is a case manager

What does a Case Manager do?

A Case Manager will talk with you, carers and significant others to design a home care plan that reflects your values, goals and unique requirements. With a plan in place, the Case Manager will set up services, source useful products, make referrals and monitor your progress. As your needs change they will adapt the plan to suit. A Case Manager will also manage your budget to maximise choice and value in line with your requirements.

How does Case Management work at Calvary?

The Calvary Case Management Model emphasises partnerships, open communication and personal choice for everyone. We respect your right to choose how you want to live your life and will assist to make this happen. Our approach offers practical solutions tailored to your personal needs.

Why would I have a Case Manager?

A Case Manager has expert knowledge, contacts and experience dealing with aged care guidelines,  service providers, allied health professionals and hospital networks. Well versed in the complexities of independent living, they are responsive, solution focused and offer peace of mind in challenging times. Their role is to achieve the best outcomes for you.

How a Case Manager can support me?

If you, a carer or a significant other would like to find out more about having a Case Manager, call us on 1300 66 00 22.

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