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Tips for Preventing Dizziness

Don't let dizziness put you off balance

Tips for Preventing Dizziness for Seniors

Do you ever feel dizzy? Lose your balance? There are many reasons dizziness occurs, like high or low blood pressure, medication alteration, middle ear infection or dehydration...

Your doctor may be able to work out the cause, with information from you such as when you experience dizziness, what brings it on, what settles it and how long it lasts. In many cases, dizziness can be treated.

Prevention of dizziness and/or loss of balance:

• Change position slowly. Wait until you are balanced before walking;

• Avoid turning your head quickly or suddenly;

• If you feel dizzy, stop what you are doing and sit down until it passes;

• Drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day unless your doctor has advised you to restrict your fluid intake;

• Be careful when you bend your head back, or look up;

• Avoid climbing ladders or onto chairs if dizziness/loss of balance is an issue.

Seek urgent medical help if dizziness is associated with:

• Pain, pressure, heaviness or tightness in the chest, shoulders, neck, arms, jaw, or back;

• Feeling sick, cold sweats, shortness of breath;

• Numbness or weakness in face, arm or leg;

• Trouble talking, understanding or swallowing;

• Blurred or poor vision in one or both eyes;

• Loss of balance or unexplained falls;

• Confusion or becoming unconscious.


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