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Your Guide to Cruising the World

If you’ve ever thought about taking a cruise but never have, you might be surprised to know that these days cruise lines are catering more and more for senior travellers.

Just because you’ve reached a certain age, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there, set sail and enjoy a fantastic holiday on the open seas.

Seniors Guide to Cruises

One of the great things about going on a cruise, compared to air travel or a road trip, is that you get to visit multiple locations but only need to unpack your bags once. The comforts of your choice of cabin mean that you have a ‘home base’, while escaping on your adventure. What’s more, there’s a range of cruises to suit all tastes, needs and budgets.

Modern cruise ships provide friendly service and support, professional medical services in case of an emergency, as well as easy access for those less mobile or with disabilities. Your trip is fully pre-paid; so you can enjoy an expanse of great food, loads of age-friendly activities, and entertainment like movies, live music and stage shows, without paying a cent more. Optional extras such as speciality dining and pamper packages are also available at an additional cost.

There are a range of destinations and duration options. If you want to dip your toe in the water, you can choose a short ‘local’ cruise within Australia or New Zealand. For those who’d like to drop anchor in more exotic locations, why not extend your horizons to the Hawaiian Islands or Caribbean, or experience breathtaking natural wonders like the inside passage of the Gulf of Alaska?

When planning your trip, it’s important to remember that a holiday at sea and life on board is something quite different to a holiday ashore. So talk to your travel agent to ensure you choose the cruise that will best suit your individual needs.

Seniors Guide to Cruises

Before you start scouting for the best cruise packages, here are a few questions you should ask to help plan your cruise:

  • How many days do you intend to travel?
  • Are you travelling solo, with a partner, family, or a group?
  • Do you have any mobility issues or any health conditions that you will need special assistance with?
  • What activities do you like doing, or new ones you’d like to try?
  • What are you looking to achieve from the trip? What is your budget?


If you need support on your holiday, our Home Care Experts can assist with transport, airport navigation, tickets, or even a travelling companion. Simply call us to discuss your needs on 1300 66 00 22.

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