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Active at Any Age with Opa-Cize

Opa-Cize combines traditional Greek dance moves with a cardio workout for a vibrant fitness class suitable for varying levels of fitness & mobility.

“It’s a bit like ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, minus the food of course!” explains Kathy, founder of the new exercise phenomenon taking the world by storm.

Created in Sydney, “Opa-Cize™” combines traditional Greek dance moves with a cardio workout to create a vibrant fitness class full of Kefi! (Fun) 

Opa-cize Exercise for Seniors

"Once the music starts everyone is in a fun place"

Designed for ‘every body’, the moves are simple to follow and can be adapted to suit individual fitness levels, body shapes and style. “We set the level at medium so participants can work to their own pace” says Kathy, “and we find that the older ladies do it very differently to the younger ones and we have even had people in wheelchairs participate as they can do the hand movements”.

"The instructors make it so fun that you don’t realise how much of a workout your body is doing."

Dedicated to Kathy’s late sister who passed away suddenly, Opa-Cize™ is all about getting people moving, active and social. “My sister was reclusive and suffered from depression”, explains Kathy, “So I want to make sure that people have a place to go where they feel welcomed and can celebrate life.”

Kathy’s philosophy has resonated with women around the world and in just a year, Opa-Cize™ has gone global. “All you need is a towel and a bottle of water. It’s energetic but you walk out of the class feeling blissfully happy”.

Opa-Cize classes for seniors

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