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Mary Potter – The Legacy of the Little Sisters of the Company of Mary

Calvary is a value based organisation with a rich heritage of care and compassion that began with the Venerable Mary Potter, Founder of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Mary Potter Calvary Community Care

“We are commencing a work in time that is to influence eternity.”

– Venerable Mary Potter

It is thanks to the vision of Mary Potter that the Little Company of Mary was founded in 1877. Mary Potter was a woman of extraordinary compassion, vision and strength. 

Together with her Sisters she visited the poor and vulnerable in their homes. They offered spiritual support and professional nursing with a quality of care, which was rare for the time. It was not unusual for Mary to also offer practical support and help clean houses or even cook a meal. 

Mary wanted people to understand that they were valued, their lives had dignity and they were loved no matter what stage of life they were going through. Often in the face of adversity and her own frail health, Mary advocated, cared for and supported those less fortunate in the community.

It is thanks to the vision of Mary Potter and the dedicated work of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary that we now have the Calvary of today; a not-for-profit healthcare organisation that offers professional standards of quality care, deeply entrenched in the philosophy of "being for others."  

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