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Living Well at Home with a Home Care Package

Learn how the new Government Home Care Packages can give you greater control and the ability to live independently in your own home for longer.

What is a Home Care Package

One of the most stressful encounters we can face in older age is the thought of losing our independence and moving into a nursing home. The truth is, a very small percentage of Australians live in high care facilities. 

Government changes to Home Care Packages last month mean that you now have greater control over the services that really inspire independence and ‘living well at home’.

Reassurance. You’re not the only one who needs it.

Family, friends, doctors and health professionals need reassurance as much as you in knowing that you are safe and well. A general reluctance to notice small things, whilst family or friends notice on your behalf might mean that you could be left out of future planning.

There is often a sense of guilt associated with not being able to look after you ‘the way they would like to’, so when your family or friends are pushed away from suggesting help, they often discuss your needs with others, rather than you.

Being honest can solve lots of headaches and heartaches down the track. A conversation with your friends, family, health professionals or doctors about assistance in your home, or with things that are becoming difficult to deal with means that you have control and can actively begin to work through these concerns.

How ignoring situations can cause bigger problems.

Finding assistance immediately after an incident can be stressful for your family, so talking about your needs early means that an emergency incident can be safeguarded and potentially prevented.

Most instances of people reaching out to obtain Home Care Packages happen after an incident has occurred. It may be a fall, a kettle left to boil dry, or family members not being able to contact you and worrying.

Calvary Home Care Package

So, what is considered ‘living well at home’?

For some people, it means that they’d like a little bit of cleaning and cooking done around the house. Others might need some personal care like showering, transport to the shops or help in the garden.

Even a little bit of respite time can be great - like a trip to the movies or theatre with a friendly Support Worker. Services can go right up to nursing and 24 hour care. 

What is a Home Care Package?

If you're over 65, or over 50 and indigenous you can apply for a Home Care Package. Home Care Packages are a part government funded and part client funded program. Allocation of funding is dependent on the person's assessed needs. There are 4 levels of Home Care Package allocations*:

Level 1: Basic care needs: $154.70 per week

Level 2: Low level care needs: $280.63 per week

Level 3: Intermediate care needs: $616.98 per week

Level 4: High level care needs :$937.93 per week

*effective 1 January 2017

Calvary Home Care Packages offer a full range of sevices that can be flexible and adaptable to suit your needs today and as they may change over time. We offer access nationally to support you wherever home is.

Can Calvary help me with the process?

Yes! Government processes can sometimes be long-winded and confusing, so if you need a little help over the phone to navigate the process, or would like us to advocate on your behalf, ask our experts how we can help.

 To speak to one of our friendly Care Experts about Calvary Home Care Packages, call 1300 66 00 22.

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