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Independent Living Units

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Living Unit (ILU)?

An ILU is a self contained apartment, villa or unit. Many ILUs also feature parking spaces, small gardens and 24 hour security monitoring systems. Grouped together, ILUs may be in stand alone villages or co-located with residential care facilities.Independent Living Unit ILU

What are the benefits of an Independent Living Unit (ILU)?

ILUs offer space, privacy and autonomy without the demands of maintenance and upkeep. They also provide the opportunity for you to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a community with people at a similar life stage.

How much does an ILU cost?

The cost of an ILU will vary according to size and location. As Calvary is a not-for-profit organisation we operate a loan and licence agreement. At the end of the agreement, the loan is refunded, minus the agreed management fee (usually 5% per year of occupation up until six years: 30%).

Are there ongoing fees and costs?

Yes. A monthly payment contributes to shared common costs such as water, security, cleaning of common areas and general grounds maintenance. 

Can I have visitors to my ILU?

Of course. You are free to come and go as you please and invite friends and family to visit whenever you choose. The ILU is your home.

What happens if my support needs increase while I am in my ILU?

Calvary Community Care provides a range of flexible services to support independent living such as transport, meal preparation and domestic assistance. If you find that you are no longer able to live independently, an application for assessment to move into one of the Calvary residential care facilities can be organised.

Meet ILU Resident: Father Kerry

Independent Living Unit Resident Father Karry

After 55 years as a priest working in parishes in the Archdiocese of Sydney, Monsignor Kerry Bayada now calls his ILU at Calvary Ryde Retirement Community home. Father Kerry, as he is affectionately known, describes his new surroundings as ”a very happy community”.

He has planted ”some orchids, hydrangeas and petunias, to get a bit of colour around the place” and has immersed himself in the social, faith and community activities at Calvary Ryde.


Calvary Independent Living Units (ILUs) are located in the ACT, Sydney (Ryde) and in the Hunter Region, NSW. Calvary regularly hold ILU open house inspections or you can also arrange a private tour by calling 1800 222 000.

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