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Independent Living Solutions to Help Prevent Falls

Calvary Smart Home Products

Maintain independence and peace of mind with our fall prevention solutions. Assistive technology or simple equipment can increase safety and reduce the risk of falls.

Independent Living Aids Fall Detector

The iVi Fall Detector

This intelligent pendant will detect if the wearer has fallen and raise an alarm call for help. The wearer can also manually call for help with a press of a button from within their home 24 hours a day.


Independent Living Aids Support Rails

 Support Rails

These simple hand rails come in a range of lengths and can be installed within or outside of the home. The rails can be used in any area to provide additional support, increase stability and balance.


Independent Living Aids Foot Cleaner

Easy Exfoliate Foot Cleaner

The Foot Cleaner washes, massages and exfoliates your feet without the need to bend or reach in the shower. The special no slip suction cups on the bottom keep it safe and secure while you use it.


To discover more handy independent living products, call us on 1300 66 00 22 or visit us at the Calvary Smart Home Showroom at 551 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverly, Victoria.

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