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Acronyms and terms used by the government

Home Care Packages. Frequently asked questions about Home Care Packages: Acronyms and terms used by the government


Home Care Package

MAC - My Aged Care 

Government department responsible for the approval of funding for Home Care Packages

ITF – Income Tested Fee.

This is a fee that based on your yearly income and assets deemed as income.

Basic Daily Fee

Fee paid by every person receiving a Home Care Package (determined by the government)


A ‘provider’ is endorsed by the government to manage your Home Care Package.


This is an allocation of money that the government gives your provider to supply the home care services you would like.

Package Levels

This is the amount of money the government will attribute toward you care. Level range from 1 – 4. They are:

Level One
Support for people with basic care needs

Level Two
Support for people with low level care needs

Level Three
Support for people with intermediate care needs

Level Four
Support for people with high level care needs


Aged Care Assessment Team


Commonwealth Home Support Program. This is interim low level funding for the gap between receiving a Home Care Package (HCP)


Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres. This is an assessment team who can grant up to $1500 in emergency funding


Regional Assessment Service. This is an assessment team who can grant interim low level funding of a Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP) for the gap between receiving a Home Care Package (HCP)


Aged Care Assessment Team. This is an assessment team who can grant Home Care Packages (HCP)

My Aged Care

The government body that decides if you are eligible for a Home Care Packages.

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