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We know it can be confusing to understand the Home Care Package landscape. From how identify if you are eligible, to navigating the process with the Government and choosing the best provider for your needs. We are here to help. Give us a call if anything below is unclear and you just want somebody to take you through how things work.

What is a government assessment and why do I have to have one?

The government requires you to participate in an assessment to determine your eligibility for funding. ACAT perform the assessment in your home or during your hospital stay and will, based off the information you provide, determine what level HCP (1-4) you are eligible for.

Who are ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team)?

ACAT are a third party group engaged by the government to carry out assessments. Collectively known as ‘ACAT’, they are providers from a range of different health companies and hospitals that vary from region to region. They are deemed impartial to the process of which provider you choose, meaning you can select who you want to deliver your services.

ACAT often introduce themselves as a third party representative for My Aged Care, handing out ACAT literature and documents which can be very confusing. If you would like to reduce the amount of information you are receiving, ask to receive My Aged Care only literature.

Does Calvary run the government (ACAT) assessment?

No. The assessment is handled by an endorsed third party government assessment group called ACAT. Known collectively as ‘ACAT’ they are providers from a range of health companies or hospitals that vary from region to region.

Can I have someone else with me whilst I’m having an assessment?

Yes. In fact we suggest you do. Assessments may take up to one hour and you will be asked a number of questions. It can be a lot of information to absorb in one sitting, so having a person to support you is a great idea. Your Care Adviser can also help you prepare for the assessment to help you get the best result.

What sort of questions do they ask in the ACAT assessment?

Along with your personal details, questions range from your needs around the home, medical information, income and your support networks. It is a good idea to book ahead with a Care Adviser so they can take you through the types of questions you’ll be asked in your assessment before you are assessed. 

If I have an ACAT assessment will they put me in a home or take my home away from me?

No, Government HCPs are about people staying in their home longer and getting the additional support they need to retain their independence. Assessments are about ‘staying at home’ not ‘leaving home.’

Do I need any special documents for my ACAT assessment?

No. The ACAT assessor may request permission to speak with your doctor. If you have any power of attorney documents and you’d like a family member to act on your behalf, you can bring those to your assessment and ask the assessor what your options are. All information that you provide will be treated confidentially

I have received a letter that has the Australian Government & My Aged Care logo’s on it. What does it mean?

Sometimes these letters can appear confusing. If you are having trouble understanding what you've received, simply call us and we can help you. The following letters are generally sent to HCP applicants:

Booking time for the assessor to come to your home

If you have not had your in-home or in-hospital assessment then it may be confirmation of the time ACAT would like to do the assessment with you. If you have received this letter, it’s best to call our Care Advisers to help you prepare for the assessment.

My Support Plan

This is a summary of your care needs by the ACAT assessor. You can call us when you receive this letter to ensure that Calvary is your provider and that they are following your request.

Your Eligibility for Australian Government subsided aged care

This means your HCP has been approved and you are now formally on the government waiting list. This letter may have the assessor’s third party logo on it, however it does not mean that you have chosen them as your provider.   

Referral Code Letter - Assigned

This means your funding is ready and Calvary can activate your package immediately.

Simply call our Care Advisers and we’ll arrange a visit from a Calvary Case Manager at a time that suits you. We’ll take you through what services you’d like to receive and answer any questions you may have about your care with Calvary.


I have a received other pamphlets and material from a third party included with my government letters?

If you’ve chosen Calvary as your provider we suggest you put these third party materials to one side. Simply give our Care Advisers a call and we can let you know if this extra material is relevant.

I’ve had my ACAT assessment. Now what happens?

Your ACAT assessor will send you notification within 14 days with either confirmation that you are on the government waiting list or confirmation that your funds are ready. 

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