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Calvary Care Support Worker Daisy Celebrates 10 Years with Tiwi Community

“Daisy has achieved something no other Tiwi Island woman has done”

Tiwi Islands Home Care Experts by Calvary support worker Daisy

Located seventy kilometres north of Darwin, Bathurst Island is home to many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Kinship, family and country is very important in Tiwi culture and Daisy’s dedicated care and commitment ensures that residents stay connected with their community and culture.

As a support worker in Calvary's flexible residential aged care facility, Malakunya, in the Tiwi Islands, Daisy was recently recognised for a decade of service with Calvary. Local resident Sister Anne honoured Daisy’s achievement acknowledging that ten years of consecutive employment on Bathurst Island represents a significant milestone for the remote community.

According to Sister Anne, Daisy has achieved something no other Tiwi Island woman has done and is a role model and leader within the community. Epitomising the values of hospitality and healing, Daisy is leading the way for more local people to work at Malakunya and ensures that it is a warm and welcoming space.


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