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Calvary's Brain Gym

Support Workers Joanne Fiebig and Greg Vierk keep clients fit and healthy through a regular exercise program with a difference.

Calvary's Brain Gym for Seniors

Calvary’s Brain Gym is an interactive health and wellness program. Each week Calvary clients meet up and exercise together - on their iPads.  They complete a series of online brain exercises, games and puzzles designed to keep the brain active, fit and healthy.  The brain exercises stretch and exercise attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, intelligence, and navigation.

Facilitated by Support Workers Jo and Greg, it’s a fun, refreshing and rewarding routine with a big impact. Jo and Greg have both observed an improvement in memory, confidence and digital literacy within the senior gym group members. ”I was quite surprised at the level of improvement” says Greg, ”I knew it would make a difference but not to that extent”.

Jo agrees and says that they all look forward to Thursdays for the next session. ”We have fun” says Jo ”and everyone is eager to beat their own scores and constantly improve”. ”The program has so many benefits”, says Greg, ”it offers a chance to socialise, get involved with technology and keep our brains in shape”.   


Want to join the Brain Gym? To learn more about Calvary's Brain Gym and other services call our friendly Care Experts on 1300 66 00 22.

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