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Active at Any Age with Lawn Bowls

Get active this Autumn with a range of social games that can be enjoyed with others on the green.

Benefits of lawn bowls for seniors

Lawn Bowls 

Perfect for all ages, abilities and fitness levels this is a game that takes minutes to learn but much longer to master. Improve your coordination  and fitness through light lunging  and bending. Great for community  connections, many clubs also run a more social barefoot bowls event for  beginners and casual players. 

Italian Bocce and French Petanque 

Popular in Europe, these games both involve throwing balls towards a mark, whilst also knocking out the balls of your competitors.  With a focus on accuracy, precision and rhythm it is a gentle game that can be played enjoyed by all ages. 


This outdoor log throwing game from Scandinavia has taken Australia by storm. Great in the backyard, in  the park or at a picnic, the aim of the  game is to score exactly 50 points by knocking over the numbered logs strategically and skillfully. 


Want to spend a day on the green?  Our Home Care Experts can get you there. Book in your transport or bowls partner by calling 1300 66 00 22

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Active at Any Age with Lawn Bowls

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