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Active At Any Age with Aquatics

Physiotherapist Jan Hill shares the many benefits for exercising in water.

Aquatic Activities for Seniors 

Cool down with a dip in the pool.

Water can be used for relaxation, exercise, therapy, fun, sport and competition. Unlike land, where you are weight bearing, the forces of gravity are reduced in water so it is often easier to get your body moving. As Senior Physiotherapist Jan Hill explains, “When you are neck deep in water, only (approximately) ten percent of body weight is felt in your feet making it easier to move”. Water provides scope for exercise ranging from very gentle movement to high aerobic work.

Water temperature is also key.

According to Jan Hill, who specialises in hydrotherapy “warmer water offers many benefits including pain relief, so is good for people post injury, with poor coordination, tight muscles or other physical conditions”.

Aquatics in your Community.

Suitable for all ages and life stages, the local community pool is also a great social outlet. “The Romans recognised the power of immersion” says Jan and acknowledges that “there is a levelling aspect associated with getting into your bathers and the pool. People tend to be more relaxed and more amenable so it is a great way to build connections”.

Stay healthy and cool with a range of water exercise options. Aquatic activities are suitable for older people.

Aquatic Exercises for Seniors


Swimming is an important skill for everyone to have to build water confidence and safety. Easy on the joints, swimming is a great low impact activity for seniors, that can improve flexibility, coordination and fitness. You can select your lane, speed and stroke.

Deep Water Running

A ’cool’ fitness option, the buoyancy of the water softens the impact on bones, joints and tissues while you enjoy the benefits of a healthy workout.

Water Aerobics

Refreshing, energetic and social. The resistance in the water builds muscle strength and the routines encourage a good cardio workout. Join a class to suit your fitness level.

Pool Walking

A simple activity that can be done on your own or together with a friend. Start in the shallow end. Hold on to the edge, walk up and down or across the pool. Add in some kick boards or hand weights for a greater impact.


This is a treatment modality provided by Physiotherapists to treat patients in the water. This treatment utilises the unique properties of water to design a program that suits your individual needs and physical requirements.

Want to dive in?

Depending on your circumstances you may first need a land based assessment. Contact your local pool for more details.


Want to enrol in a new aquatics class or simply take a dip in the pool?  Our Home Care Experts can get you there. Book in your transport or a swimming partner by calling 1300 66 00 22

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