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Active at Any Age with Tennis for Seniors

A serving of all things Tennis

Benefits of Tennis for Seniors

You don’t have to be Wimbledon standard or a Williams sister to enjoy a serve of tennis.

This is a sport designed for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Simply pick up a racquet, move around the court and gently lobby the ball over the net. As skills improve, rallies and games provide greater scope for more vigorous exercise and competition.Tennis offers a range of health benefits for both the body and mind. The movements and strokes can improve agility, flexibility, strength, coordination and motor skills whilst offering an aerobic workout. The social nature of the game and doubles options makes it a great community sport and friendly competition.

Even better, adapted versions of the game make it one of the most inclusive sports for different ages  and abilities. You can play it in a wheelchair, and with a modified ball (with a noise making device) for blind matches. Not to mention the family favourite table tennis version. So why not spring on to the court this season and serve up an ace!

World No. 1 for Seniors Tennis Federation Events Ros Balodis

Australian Senior Tennis Champion Ros started playing Tennis when she was five. “My mum, dad and sister enjoyed playing tennis at a court near our house, so I started joining in”, says Ros.

“Tennis has been a hobby for over 50 years, I love that it gets me away from my desk, out in the open air and keeps me active. It’s great for the body and mind!”

Ros explains that the most enjoyable thing about Tennis is “it can be played throughout your lifetime and adapted to your skill and fitness level. Everyone can participate and it brings everyone together.”

Ros says her Tennis career highlights include representing Australia internationally, sharing experiences with her teammates and meeting other players from around the globe. 

Seniors Tennis Champion Ros Balodis

Here are Ros’s Top 3 Tips

1. Join a local Tennis Club
2. Take part in a social competition
3. Have fun!

Keen for a match of tennis? Our Home Care Experts can help with transport to the courts or even provide a doubles partner. Contact one of our friendly Care Experts on 1300 66 00 22 to learn more. 

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