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9 Things to do over the long weekend

The long weekend is fast approaching, and you haven't even thought about what to do yet. Not to worry - we have compiled a list of activities for you to choose from, to have fun with friends and the whole family.


It’s mid-week, you’re tired and you still have a thousand things to do before you can think about weekend…but wait, it’s a long-weekend, and it’s fast approaching. This means it’s time for fun, sun, family and friends. 'But what to do?' you might ask. Well, if you’re not sure how to make the most of the next few days, we’ve got some ideas. Here are nine things you can do with family and friends:

1. A touch of arts & culture

Australia provides such a wide range of rich arts and culture, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking to dress up for a night, book a show in a fancy theatre, go to the opera, see a ballet or go to a symphony concert with the family.

Culture is what makes people understand each other better so join in the fun with a multi-cultural day event like Saint Patrick’s Day, a taste of Malaysia festival or Chinese Lunar Year celebrations. If you just plain feel like a laugh, purchase some tickets for your local comedy club. The options are endless.

2. Go for a cooking class

So many great experiences start in the kitchen, so why not sign up for a cooking class? Cooking classes are a great way to bond, have fun, and learn a new thing or two. With so many options of different cuisines, experience levels, big classes, small classes, hands-on, or just demonstrations, you can choose and tailor the best option for you and your party.

3. Time to ‘wine’ down

Talk about a perfect pair, cheese and wine! Fancy some sparkling Chardonnay, aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Pinot Noir? Escape the city over the long weekend and enjoy some fruitful wines at a beautiful regional winery. With all the activities that wineries offer, it is your choice if you’d like to take the kids with you, or just enjoy it as a day-activity for the adults. Our suggestions include the Yarra Valley Melbourne, Hunter Valley Sydney, Swan Valley Perth and Barossa Valley Adelaide.

4. Dust off your dancing shoes

Regular physical activity is key for health and wellbeing, and dancing is a fantastic way to improve balance, strength and mobility. Here are some examples of dance classes that are perfect for older adults:

  • Line dancing: This country-inspired dance, where people line up in a row and follow a choreographed pattern to music is a fun, healthy and rewarding exercise that is good for your body and your mind.
  • Zumba:  Zumba is a cardio workout class that is more like a dance party. Rather than working out at the gym in a traditional manner (aka treadmill and machines), this class works up a sweat with a group of people and an instructor. There are many different forms of Zumba that you could try like aqua, classic, low- and high-impact and more so you can find one that best suits your strength and abilities.
  • Salsa dancing: Salsa is a popular form of social dance originating from Cuban folk dances. Enjoy this energetic dance alongside some salsa music and move to this combined dance of Cha-Cha, Mambo, Afro-Cuban dance and more.

We believe that part of healthy ageing is to remain physically active, mentally stimulated, and socially connected, and dancing provides all three.

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5. Have a traditional game night

It’s an oldie, but it’s golden! We all love playing games, and for good reason. Everyone can participate, as it’s the more the merrier. Reduce stress, create family traditions and have a good bonding experience with this fun activity.  Some of the favourites include Scrabble, Pictionary, Yahtzee, Bingo, Checkers, Trivia, Monopoly, Chess, Poker, Rummy and the list continues.

Fun fact: playing card games on a regular basis can improve how your brain works, avoid memory problems, and enhance your creativity and mental sharpness. Examples of some good games include Canasta, Poker, Bridge and Pinochle.

6. Get outdoors and enjoy nature

Escape the city and plan a getaway. Spend a day at the lake with your family, pack a picnic and have fun with some water activities. You can participate in some bird watching, fly a kite, read a book or go fishing if you have the gear. The lake is always a relaxing adventure, and being one with nature automatically uplifts the mood.

If the lake is not your scene, you can always go to a local tulip farm, go to the local park or even plant a veggie garden in your backyard as an enjoyable outdoor activity.

7. Immerse yourself in creativity

Have a budding Picasso on your hands, or perhaps you’re just a creative little soul. Either way, creating art is always fun, creative and sometimes surprisingly rewarding. You can participate in a group class, do some finger painting, paint with watercolours, do some paper art or even clay modelling. Most of all, just have fun with this activity, and let your creative juices flow.

8. Have fun in the sun

Leave the traditional games for a rainy day or night-time activity. If it is a sunny day, get outdoors and participate in some physical activities such as lawn bowls, shuffleboard, miniature golf and tennis. All of these activities can be adjusted to your fitness level and abilities.

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9. Get to know your city – heritage and history

There are many activities that you can do in and around the city. You can visit some free exhibitions, go to a museum, visit the State Library, enjoy some sea life at the aquarium, or see some amazing animals at the zoo. Go have a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, be inspired at an art gallery, and enjoy everything that a food and lifestyle market has to offer.

Eat, drink, play and be merry! Create memories with your loved ones and enjoy you’re well deserved day off! 

Need help getting out and about over the long-weekend – we’re here to help. If you would like to learn more about Calvary Community Care and our services, please contact a friendly Care Adviser on 1300 66 00 22

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