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Home Care Packages Explained

A Government Home Care Package provides long-term support for elderly people who want to stay living at home. See how much you could get.

How much can you get with Calvary?

  • $17.93 A DAY
  • $125.5 A WEEK
  • $537.14 A MONTH
  • $6526 A YEAR

What does that mean for you?

Below are just a few examples of combinations of real-world services this level of care translates into.

  • Domestic Services

    4 Hours Per Month

    You may need a hand to clean up in around the house (and out!) Domestic Services are a very broad service, so get in touch to see what we can do for you.

  • Personal Care

    2 Hours Per Month

    Showering, bathing, toileting and dressing can get harder as time goes on. We can help you daily, from just being there in case you need a hand, to complete support.

  • Social Support

    1 Hours Per Month

    Just want to go see a movie? Or meet up with friends in town? From a friendly face just to share a meal and a chat with, to a travel companion on holidays, we are there.

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Questions about home care?

Sometimes the best thing to do is to chat with an expert to talk through your options to ensure you’re receiving the care you deserve.

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