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The Scent of Happiness

Discover the stories behind Calvary's clients || Frankie & Herbert Mees first moved to Australia from Cologne, Germany through Herbert's work with the famous Eau de Cologne 4711.

Home Care Experts by Calvary client stories Herbert and Frankie Mees

Arriving from Cologne, Germany, Herbert Mees was contracted to imbue a 200 year old Eau de Cologne 4711 into the psyche of the Australian public. Herbert and his darling, Frankie, on opposite sides of the world wrote to one another for five years before Herbert popped the question.

In 1965, Frankie joined Herbert in Australia to build a life and family. Once settled here, Frankie, a trained teacher and athlete worked as a PE teacher, whilst Herbert travelled regularly between Australia and Europe for work. Three children later, and at the age of 52, Herbert was instructed that the Australian arm of 4711 was too close.

Out of work, he recognised his age was against him. At 54 he returned to college, studying for nine years while working as a translator.

And where did the study lead? To Herbert’s magnum opus, ‘The German Church in the Garden of God’, a 150 year history of the Lutheran Church in Australia. An epic work, with hundreds of contributors, Frankie kept the editors fed and watered throughout production.

Frankie and Herbert are now settled in a beautiful village in Croydon, Victoria, receive regular cleaning and odd job support from Calvary, enabling them to maintain their independence. They remain fit with a regular game of croquet. The grounds of which were built through Frankie’s sheer willpower and donations from friends and the wider community. With the scent of summer in the air, they have plenty of time to enjoy it together.

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